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Spiritual Climate
  • We will be engaged in sharing our faith with each other and with our community
  • We will affirm and recognize the ministry of our teachers and encourage our faculty and staff to openly share about their walk with Christ.
  • We will provide facilities and time for students to have formal and informal prayer and Bible study, the opportunity to present devotionals, and the opportunity to be actively involved in Weeks of Prayer, baptismal classes, and service and volunteer opportunities.
  • We will deliberately seek to integrate faith throughout the school program.
Christian Relationship
  • We will endeavor to assure that contact between staff, students, and parents is positive and affirming, with mutual respect and a strong sense of unity.
  • We will seek to enhance the dignity and worth of each individual through quality interpersonal relationships.
  • We will promote multi-cultural awareness.
  • We will provide positive and enjoyable opportunities for both learning and recreation.
Quality Education
  • We will maintain a continually evolving curriculum that keeps pace with technology, encourages critical thinking, and elicits a commitment to excellence in both staff and students.
  • We will endeavor to enrich our curriculum with a variety of instructional methods and experiences to meet the needs of different learning styles while also seeking to nurture each student's creativity through fine arts.
  • We will strive by both action and example to develop students with uncompromising personal integrity.