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Students are expected to harmonize with the school's image and dress policy at all regular, co-curricular and after-school events (banquets, trips, programs, athletics games, etc.) as well as in the classroom. Any variations from normal school attire for special events will be announced in advance. The DENNIS UNIFORM COMPANY is the provider for our school wardrobe. Click here for the Dennis Uniform catalog.
Student Image and Dress
The Glendale Adventist Academy student image and dress policy reflects the school's commitment to Christian excellence and modesty. The image that a student creates is a reflection of his/her commitment to this standard of excellence. The staff desires an emphasis on education rather than on dress. The following are dress guidelines which we feel adhere to this philosophy. Inappropriate items of clothing, or jewelry will be confiscated and held for the remainder of the school year unless picked up by a parent. The school assumes no responsibility for confiscated items that might be lost, stolen, or damaged.
Shoes should be sturdy, closed in, and worn at all times. Shoes with a strap which fits snuggly around the heel with closed toes is permissible (no thongs, flip flops, or other backless shoes).
Special Dress Days
Throughout the year certain days are declared special dress days, days when students may opt to dress in specified non-uniform wardrobe. Students should check for posted guidelines.
Physical Education Clothing
Students are required to wear the prescribed uniform during physical education classes. This uniform is to be worn only in the physical education areas and includes:
  • GAA gray shorts/green mesh shirts
  • White GAA T-shirts
  • White socks and tennis shoes
Sweatsuits may be worn. These items can be purchased from the school athletic department.
Students who do not comply with the dress code will be cited, and referred for appropriate discipline action. This may require a conference with a faculty member, conference with the Discipline Committee, or the Principal which may result in removal from the classroom, or suspension from school. Action depends on the infraction and frequency.